Engaging Your Audience During These Unprecedented Times

Communicating with your audience during a crisis is key. Being compassionate and doing what you can to help shows your audience you genuinely care.  But once you’ve addressed the Coronavirus pandemic with your subscribers, what’s next? Keep your audience engaged with these 6 creative ideas.

1. Offer discounts on products or services.

Your audience needs during or after the crisis.

Be empathetic and show your audience that you’re in it together. 

A great way of doing this is partnering with local businesses to promote as a gift giveaway to your audience.

2. Help your subscribers learn something new.

Many people are currently at home. Now’s a great time to offer courses or webinars to help people take advantage of the extra time. 

Virtual home selling, investor, or first time home buyer seminars are a great way to offer value to your audience and teach them about what the market is currently doing.

3. Be available to answer questions

Speak with your audience directly through live video. Set aside some time to answer questions and brainstorm solutions to their problems. 

You can even update your store hours to show when you are available virtually to answer questions. This is not uncommon for us a agents already, sense we understand that our hours are usually when other's are off work.

4. Get creative with your products.

Help entertain your audience by giving them fun or educational activities to do at home. 

Michael’s, a popular craft store, is sharing a fun family activity on Facebook live every week.

5. Make your services available online.

Now is not the time to be shy away from the camera. Even before the Covid-19 epidemic we were noticing huge success for the agents that went live on social media, hosted virtual showings, and created content that was authentically engaging their audience.

6. Promote your virtual open houses a week in advance.

Creating your virtual open house on a FB event and then creating FREE Tickets through Eventbrite, will help get you better exposure. Also, when you have someone reserve their free ticket, you are automatically capturing their information, now you have leads coming in. Add your personal page as a co-host too for better organic reach.

Then you are able to promote and share to local groups, email campaign to your database, and go live within the event to keep your audience engaged. Once the event is over, make sure to share your videos (you have to download from FB first) to your business page and to Instagram.

Stay safe during these times and remember to not stress but to PIVOT.

-Katherine Farber

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